Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nashville flood

Some of you may have heard about the flooding here in Nashville almost two weeks ago. We were okay out here, but many areas in Nashville, and counties throughout the state, had serious damage. The last I heard 21 people died as a result of the flooding. This is the worst flooding we've seen here in 80 years. I watched the TV in disbelief when they showed footage of the Opryland Hotel under 10 feet of water. As well as The Grand Old Opry and Opry Mills mall. Places I have been to over and over many times through the years. Tennessee is called the Volunteer State, and we lived up to our name immediately following this disaster. People helped get their neighbors out to safety, and volunteer efforts continue to go on daily. And it will until everything is cleaned up and restored. One way you can help, and get a fun shirt too, is to purchase a shirt from this site. Proceeds go to help flood victims. This is a much better way to give than through the Red Cross where we aren't sure exactly which place the money will go to.

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Janette@Janette's Sage said...

So so sorry for what has happened in Nashville...we experienced that in Galveston in our state. Our prayers are with you all as your city recovers. God is faithful!