Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reviews coming!! Stay tuned!

Okay, so I apologize that it has been just over a week since I last blogged. Shame on me!  BUT, I will be doing some blog posts soon. One thing I will be blogging is a book review. I recently started reading books to review and blog about through a couple different companies. I am very excited about this!  I choose one of their new books to read, they send it to me for free, and I promise to read it and write a review of it on my blog, and other sites like Amazon, within a few months of receiving the book.  I just finished reading Lisa Welchel's new book Friendship for Grown Ups, so I'll be giving my review here shortly.

And today I just received some products in the mail to sample and review, along with a giveaway!!  Woo hoo!!!  So I'll be posting on that soon as well.  In the meantime, enjoy a few recent photos. :)

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