Friday, January 15, 2010

Some of our new "traditions"

I realize that Christmas has been over for a little while now, but I have been wanting to post about this, so I'm doing it anyway! :)  Now that we have children, I have wanted to come up with some things we can do as "traditions" for different holidays.  I want to make it special for the kids and for them to have certain things to look forward to.  I remember our little traditions we had growing up, and they always made the holiday's a bit more special. So one of the traditions I want to do each year is get the kids some Christmas pajama's.  I don't know if they will always match, but they did this year.  And they looked so cute!

My parents always bought my brother and I an ornament every year.  I loved that!  It allowed me to have a nice collection of them when I moved out on my own.  Plus, I just love Christmas ornaments!  The two shown above are from Papa and Nana (my parents).  I didn't get any photos of the ones from us.  So that means the kids will get 2 ornaments each year since Nana will get them one too. :)

The sweet Christmas clothes they are wearing in this photo also came from my parents.  I hope we can continue do something like this each year too.  It is fun to see them all dressed up!

Another tradition we are doing is only giving the kids 3 or 4 presents each, and then their stockings.  We want to stay focused on Jesus birth at Christmas and not get all caught up in gifts and "stuff".  We will also read the story of Jesus birth starting next year when Ronnie is a bit older.  We really enjoyed our Christmas together as a family of four!  Looking forward to making more traditions throughout the year and for other holiday's.


mandy said...

I am excited about new traditions too. It is truly more fun to be the parents!

Michelle said...

My mil gets our kids ornaments too. But they are usually stupid. I'm serious. Yours are really nice.

Even though Kori is 12, and we dont allow Barbies in teh house, every year they get Barbie ornaments.

I'm going to do this for my grandkids too. Only they will have something to do with the child. Like this year would have been a good year to get kori an ornament about volleyball since she started this year.


Marcy said...

Yes Michelle, exactly! My mom always finds ornaments that have to do with interests/hobbies. Just like that dinosaur one she got for Ronnie. He is REALLY into dinosaurs and trains right now.

That is neat that Kori is into volleyball, I played from 8th grade all the way through high school and 2 years of college.

Kelly said...

Aw I loved reading about your traditions!