Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter basket fun

We did our Easter baskets on Saturday morning.  Partly because Ron had to leave on his business trip Sunday morning, but also because we have decided to do the baskets a day early so as not to take the focus off Christ's resurrection on Sunday.  Ronnie's basket had a lot of the Cars items in it, he just loves that movie and all the little Cars characters!  Elise got a few things, she will get more as she gets older, but hey, she doesn't even understand it yet at 10.5 months old!

Ronnie was super excited about Mack!  The back opens up and he can put Lightning McQueen inside.

He also got Filmore and Sarge to add to his Cars collection.

Not the best photo as it was taken with Ron's iPhone, but this was baby girl that morning wearing her "baby's first Easter" outfit.

And we scored this from Walmart the day after Easter for 50% off!  They didn't have much Easter stuff left by the time we went to the store in the afternoon.  Just as we were checking out Ronnie spotted it in a shopping cart full of re-shop that was going back out to the floor.  So I pulled it out and went back through the line to pay for it.  He thinks its the greatest thing and now I can store all his Cars characters inside of it. :)

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