Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ronnie's Flat Stanley is in Italy!!!

My high school friend Robin is in the Navy and currently stationed in Italy. We are connected on Facebook and I had mentioned in my status one day that I would like to do a Flat Stanley project for Ronnie, but he is too young to understand it. Robin commented on my status that she would love to take photos of Flat Stanley while she is in Italy and then I can save it all to share with Ronnie when he is older. So I took her up on the offer since she will only be there until May 2010. I sent Flat Stanley to Robin's husband who is also in the Navy but stationed here in the US, and he took it with him on the plane this week when he went to visit her in Italy. In the photo above, Flat Stanley is in Rome. Isn't that awesome?? As you can see, Ronnie colored it himself. :) She has more photos to come and I am looking forward to seeing them! I think I am about as excited as the kids who do the Flat Stanley projects! LOL!

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