Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bathroom project

Our house is painted all one color (kind of a gold/yellow), except the dining room which is sage green.  It was painted this way when we bought it, and I like yellows and greens.  So we just left it this way and have not changed it.  Then when I was pregnant with Ronnie, I painted the nursery a pretty yellow color, so that was the first room to be changed.  And I have loved it ever since.  My neighbor is going to help me paint Elise's room, I'll post about it later when we get started.  I am very excited to do it!  But in the meantime, I was itching to paint some more.  So I decided to paint our small bathroom since that is an easy project for me to tackle by myself.  Below are the before and after photos.  I am LOVING the funky green color!!  Can't wait to get some new towels, a rug, and new things to hang on the wall to complete it!




So what do you, my followers, think of my choice of color?  And what would you put on the walls?


Michelle said...


you dont want to ask me about decorating...I don't. LOL

Dawn Farias said...

I love the green!

Mama-Dawn said...

Marcy, I must admit, I'm not a green person. But you made it look so good! Nice job :)