Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If money were no object.....

there are two things I would do weekly until baby comes.  One is get a full body massage, and two is get the Webster adjustment done at the chiropractor.  I know if I had both of these things each week, I would feel SO good!!!! :)

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Michelle said...

I started getting once a month massages at the second trimester and going to the chiro every other week or every third week, depending on how I felt.

Then in the last trimester I started going every other week.

Then the last month, I went every week to the chiro...and I had 3 massages that month.

But we did have more income then, we had our fosters. I dont think we can afford that this time. BUT I'm going to ask!! I know Jeff will try but I bet we can't afford more than one of each a month. That will be almost $100 a month extra.