Monday, January 19, 2009

10 years ago this month

It was 10 years ago this week that I made the move to Tennessee from Michigan. I was a single 24 year old who had never lived on my own before. My parents helped me pack up all my stuff; we loaded up a trailer, the back of my dad's truck, and my car. And made the 600 mile drive from Allendale to Nashville. I had $1200 in the bank, and a huge amount of faith that Nashville is where I needed to be. I had no idea what I would do for work to support myself, I had no friends or family nearby, yet I had a peace about moving here. I just felt like I was supposed to be here and that God would work things out. And He sure has!!!

It is still amazing to me to reflect back to that time 10 years ago having no idea what God had in store for me. Only to see now how He guided my path the entire time. Within about 6 months after moving here, God was really working on my heart to come to Him in repentance and to live my life for Him. Sure, I was raised in church all my life, but that does not make one a Christian. I had never truly repented of my sins before the Lord, and had never turned from living a life that was displeasing to God. My heart was stirred and it was during the prayer times with a friend that I truly gave my life to the Lord. And I have not been the same since. I thank the Lord for His saving grace and mercy.

Within a couple of months of giving my life to the Lord, I met Ron. We hit it off right from the start and became instant friends. We talked on the phone and hung out all the time. We decided to start dating each other just a couple months later. And just 3 short months after we started dating we were engaged. Our wedding was exactly one year from the weekend we met, Labor Day weekend. And here we are 8 years later living in our first home for 5 years now, with our almost 19 month old son, and expecting our 2nd baby in May. I would say it is pretty clear that I was meant to come to Nashville! I had no idea all the things God had in store for me here, and I feel so blessed to see where He has brought me these last 10 years. All glory to Him for all the things He has done in our lives.

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tryin2shine said...

enjoyed reading that! I'm glad I know you :). I also liked your comforter in the picture of little Ronnie :)