Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas hymns

I just love the Christmas hymns that we sing in church during the Christmas season!  We sang some yesterday at church, and we'll be singing them every Sunday through Christmas.  There have not been too many other Christmas songs written since the hymns that truly reflect the real meaning of this season of  Christ's birth.  The writers of the days of old had such passion and conviction to share the message of Christ and the cross to the whole world.  And you can hear it in the lyrics they wrote, and the wonderful music that accompanies it.  In my opinion, there are just not many "new" songs out there that even come close to those wonderful hymns of Christmas.  Here is a neat site where you can find the song sheet and lyrics to all the Christmas hymns.  I hope you enjoy them this Christmas season as much as I do!  Time to turn on some Christmas music here in the house!

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Jen said...

I used to love singing Christmas hymns in church, too! That was my favorite part of the hymnal to browse through when I was a kid and bored during the service! I think the actual "hymns" are still my most favorite Christmas songs.