Monday, November 3, 2008

I got an award!


Thanks Christy for nominating me for this award!  So I guess what I am supposed to do with this award is name 6 things I am thankful for, then list 6 people who I want the award to go to.

Six things I am thankful for
  1. My salvation through Jesus Christ.  Through Christ alone is the only way to salvation.  Jesus is my Savior and Lord, without Him there is nothing else.
  2. I thank the Lord for my husband and son, they are precious to me and a gift from God.
  3. A home to live in.  It is such a blessing to be able to live in a home, while so many others in the world do not have a roof over their heads.
  4. To be able to stay home and raise our son.  I am truly humbled by how God has given us the opportunity for me to quit my job and for Ron to support us.  It is an absolute blessing that I do not want to take for granted.
  5. For our new computer and for the internet, it is my connection with the outside world and family and friends.  It sure does save me gas and phone bills staying in touch from the comforts of home!
  6. For clothes in my closet, food in my fridge, and a warm bed to sleep in at night.

Six people who I pass this award on to:
  • Kim P
  • Kim B
  • Michelle
  • Nicky
  • Bonnie
  • Jill

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