Monday, September 15, 2008

Cookie Lee jewelry meeting

This is John Lin, Cookie Lee's husband. He came all the way from California, to Chattanooga, this weekend for a "mini convention". It was great to hear him speak, to see some clips from the convention, and to hear from some other consultants who have made their way up with this business. It is always inspiring and encouraging to attend meetings like this. I come away with some good ideas, with inspiration and excitement, and having met new friends.

This is my upline Lorie. She is as sweet as they come! When you think about the sweet, southern hospitality of the people from the south, she is IT!! She is caring, warm, friendly, welcoming, encouraging, and she knows how to sell jewelry! And how to wear it too! But beyond all that, she loves the Lord, that is first and foremost in her life, and she shares that with everyone. She shared it at the meeting too. God is certainly using her jewelry business for His glory, because she is touching hearts and lives everyday. And she gives Him all the glory for her success. That is one thing I love and admire about her!

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